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Final Expense Insurance

Don’t have final expense life insurance?

Worried about who will pay for your final expenses if you die next week?

Your children? A brother or sister? The Government?!

Social Security pays only $255 for funeral expenses.

Don’t delay any longer and risk putting this burden on your loved ones. Everyone should have life insurance. Get yours today.

If you’ve ever had a loved one pass away, you know that it’s an overwhelming experience. During an emotional and grievous time, you’re forced to find a funeral home and cemetery and make countless decisions. Those who are grieving often overspend if they don’t have a plan to guide them. Protect your loved ones from added stress during a difficult time with Final Expense Insurance-your guaranteed to qualify!

This plan pays cash to your family when they need it the most.

  • No physical exam is required (insurance is based on answers to health questions on the application)
  • Coverage may begin immediately
  • Receive up to $30,000 in tax free benefits
  • Rates never increase and benefits never decrease for the life of the policy

Call or email us today, and get your free planning guide to ensure that your final arrangements follow your wishes.

Our free Final Wishes Organizer puts you in control, provides a guide for decision-making and shelters loved ones from unnecessary pain and expense during a difficult time. The Final Wishes Organizer creates a legacy that reflects your unique style and personality.

Final Expense insurance is a ‘must-have’ when it comes to preparation and the protection of your loved ones. Take care of your final expenses now and make your legacy known.

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